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Steve Says...

All of us who founded iTagg back in 2001 are experienced serial technology entrepreneurs who have been offering successful internet and mobile services since the dotcom boom days.

Building secure, robust and highly scaleable computer systems is in iTagg's DNA and this is evident right through everything we've always done. We have all been in IT for many (many) years and started our own web and email hosting company back in 1999. Within a year we were managing enough servers to handle 100,000 business clients! This was the pedigree we brought to iTagg and so scaleability to handle large volumes of SMS has never been an issue. With over 16 years of enhancements and upgrades, the iTagg infrastructure has become one of the most mature SMS delivery platforms available in the UK.

We want to help you successfully integrate SMS into your communications and marketing solutions or those of your clients. The whole iTagg team are confident in working with businesses, charities, government bodies, resellers, Saas providers, marketing agencies, events organisers and other value-added partners of all sizes. We are happy to discuss SMS with staff at all levels including admin staff, junior developers, digital marketing experts and right up to directors and senior board executives.

iTagg is not a here today gone tomorrow company. We always look to build long term partnerships with all our clients, referrers, resellers and other partners. We are in SMS for the long haul, reflected by the fact we have clients who have been with us for well over 10 years.

iTagg has an incredible team who help support all the functions of an exciting and fast growing UK business. When it comes to handling SMS communications and marketing, all of us at iTagg deliver.

"and another thing ... In 2004 Steve Procter and iTagg built the UK's first cross-network bespoke location service for The Good Pub Guide and Random House. Journalists had a lot of fun testing it, especially the 'find NEXT pub' option!" see more...

Highest Quality Possible

iTagg's direct routing is always 100% direct

We have been operating since 2001 and carry large volumes of SMS traffic, allowing us to negotiate great deals

When we offer Direct routing then that is 100% what you get. iTagg routes are some of the highest grade available

We have special partnerships with some of the largest A2P mobile messaging deliverers, giving us access to hidden prices

Through our routing partners, close partnerships inside the carriers ensure we can handle mission-critical SMS traffic

Test our SMS delivery alongside others and let the results speak for themselves

The iTagg Team

Steve Procter
Business Development Director

Steve is an experienced internet & mobile technology entrepreneur of over 21 years, having worked in IT for the likes of Logica, Reuters and Deutsche Bank since 1989. He first programmed a computer back in 1982, published his first website in 1996, launched Easily.co.uk the world's first affordable domain name company and invented the web-based DNS control panel in 1999, before going on to successfully exit Easily.co.uk, one of the few dot-com successes in 2004. As joint iTagg founder, Steve is the architect behind iTagg's large-scale SMS delivery platform and the vision that continues to push the business forward. His current strategic focus is to build up iTagg's reseller and referral partnerships. Steve works with key clients and partners to offer our SMS business & technology consultancy, passing on 16 years of SMS industry expertise. He also looks after the Managed SMS Bureau Team, ensuring our managed clients receive unparalleled support with all their SMS requirements.

Tony Hackett
Sales Strategy Director

Tony is an accomplished IT professional, technology entrepreneur and born salesman. Having worked in IT for the likes of Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan since the 80's, Tony saw success together with Steve in launching their hugely successful domain name and web hosting company before executing the perfect exit in 2004. Jointly founding iTagg, Tony's vision has contributed to our strategic growth and helped redefine fair pricing and set new service & support levels in the SMS industry. Tony continues to manage key strategic clients and is also helping to shape iTagg's partnership programme.

Mark Birch
Consultant Systems Developer

One of the original founders, Mark now runs his own web development company which provides invaluable assistance to iTagg to continually review and enhance the core architecture and SMS delivery systems.

Matt Foster
Systems Administrator

When it comes to keeping the iTagg systems secure and highly resilient, Matt's great experience and systems engineering skills are crucial to the ongoing reliability of our SMS delivery services.

Emma Heslop
Marketing Assistant

To ensure word gets out there about iTagg, Emma always knows exactly what to say and who to say it to.

Louise Thacker
Marketing Assistant

Working alongside Emma, Louise helps to push iTagg's message out there and build awareness of what we do.

Terence Gethin
Board Advisor

One of the original founders, Terence has known the iTagg management team for over 20 years. With a background in finance and technology, his knowledge and guidance is invaluable to iTagg.