Bulk SMS Marketing Delivers Results for Pubs + Clubs...

Sell Tickets

"new years eve at franco's. 35 with champagne and fantastic band. call to book"

never pay more than 2.5p per text - guaranteed

Bulk SMS Marketing Delivers Results for Financial Providers...

Upsell New Products

"would you like a free pension review? reply YES for callback from financial advisor"

never pay more than 2.5p per text - guaranteed

Bulk SMS Marketing Delivers Results for Estate Agents...

Generate Warm Leads

"new 2-bed flat in your area, call for details or view at www.reedshouses.com"

never pay more than 2.5p per text - guaranteed

Bulk SMS Marketing Delivers Results for Taxi Firms...

Send Seasons Greetings

"merry christmas from alpha cabs. we look forward to driving you in 2015"

never pay more than 2.5p per text - guaranteed

Bulk SMS Marketing Delivers Results for Hairdressers + Salons...

Drive New Footfall

"your appointment is tuesday 3pm. recommend a friend and get 50% off next cut"

never pay more than 2.5p per text - guaranteed

Bulk SMS Marketing Delivers Results for Sports Clubs...

Contact Existing Members

"annual membership fees due this week. please bring to match on Sat"

never pay more than 2.5p per text - guaranteed

Bulk SMS Marketing Delivers Results for Retailers...

Promote Special Offers

"winter sale starts boxing day. 25% off everything"

never pay more than 2.5p per text - guaranteed

Bulk SMS Marketing Delivers Results for Wine Bars...

Fill Empty Seats

"live music this friday. book online at www.emilys-bar.com"

never pay more than 2.5p per text - guaranteed

Bulk SMS Marketing Delivers Results for Restaurants + Takeaways...

Increase Customer Loyalty

"free drinks tonight with all 12" pizzas. show this code in-store: DRINK12"

never pay more than 2.5p per text - guaranteed

bulk SMS

2.5p or less per text
call for quote

SMS Marketing is the most cost effective way to drive new sales and warm leads

Sending SMS to 1 or 100,000 customers is easy and only takes 5 minutes. Full support given

Minimum spend only 25 - just 2.5p each for 1,000 texts


clicks to your website
text replies + calls

Our high powered systems will deliver your text messages within seconds

95% of recipients will read your text within 2 minutes...and many will reply instantly. People love SMS

Easy to use online Dashboard or advanced https/post API's


increase loyalty
new leads + sales

SMS Marketing produces 6 to 8 times more response than you'll get with email marketing

98% of text messages are read...much higher than any other form of marketing

We never charge more than 2.5p per text. No other fees


new/repeat business
easy customers

SMS vouchers are 10 times more likely to be redeemed or shared than other vouchers

SMS Marketing blows leafleting, email marketing and cold calling out of the water

Free keywords on shortcodes and virtual numbers

SMS Marketing

iTagg has led the way for over 12 years

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is a quick, easy and cost effective way to promote your business, services and products by sending a simple text message to existing customers, users and new leads.

How easy is it?

It's a 5 minute job. Using the secure iTagg website just login, type a message, paste in your list of recipient numbers and press Send. We deliver the messages instantly and you can view/download a delivery receipt report to see exactly who received them and when.

Do I need my own mobile numbers?

Yes, but take a look through your database of existing and old customers, users and leads. It is most likely that you will have more than you realise. If you have a modern point of sale system in your store, it will record all the phone numbers of callers. If you have a signup form on your website it probably collects mobile numbers too.

What can I send?

Your message can say whatever you want. Invite recipients to buy your product or call you. Or they can reply to the text for more information or to request a callback. They can even click through to your website. Business text doesn't always need to be for marketing. Many businesses, charities and other organisations use SMS to send notifications, alerts, reminders and other one-off confirmations to individuals, groups of customers or users and even their staff.

Is it fast?

SMS is the fastest way to reach your customers and leads. Whether you are sending 1 or 100,000 texts, it takes only 5 minutes to prepare and messages are usually delivered in around 10 seconds.

Can people reply and text me?

iTagg offers free mobile number and shortcode keywords so people can respond to your messages and text you any time. You can advertise your unique keyword in other media as an easy way for people to subscribe to your opt-in text newsletters. You will see their incoming messages within seconds, either by logging in to the iTagg online dashboard or forwarded directly to your email. We even take care of people opting out of future texts to make your life easy.

Can I add a website link?

You have complete control over what to put in your text messages and this can include any website URL. Sending bulk SMS asking people to click straight through to your website is a great way to get quick online orders and bookings.

How much is SMS Marketing?

The smallest block of SMS credits you need to buy is 1,000 texts at 2.5p each - that's just 25+vat. You don't have to use them all straight away, take as long as needed. If you need larger volumes then the rate can be even lower than 2.5p, just ask for a quotation. There are no other setup or running costs.

Can I set who SMS comes from?

SMS text marketing is great for branding. You can make the SMS appear to come "from" a word or phrase such as your company name. We call this the Sender ID and it can be any word upto and including 11 characters in length.

Can SMS be personalised?

We provide a great facility to upload a CSV file containing all your messages and numbers. This easy to use tool has a mail merge facility to let you personalise each text with the recipients name or other personalised information.

What about voucher codes?

The simple file upload tool is perfect for doing this. Add your own voucher codes and ask people to show the text to get a discount when they come into your store.

How long are SMS texts?

The beauty of SMS which makes 95% of people read the message within 2 minutes is that they are short and sweet - 160 characters to be precise. But, at an extra cost, iTagg can let you send SMS 10 times this length if you need.

Are there any hidden fees?

There are no setup or running fees or other hidden charges. You just pay for the SMS you need. There are no ongoing commitments either, but we hope you'll see the benefits of regular text marketing to your customers, users and new leads.

Is your SMS economy or direct?

We guarantee to send your Direct SMS only down Direct tier 1 high grade routes and we will never bait and switch with your messages. And we never use illegal SIM farms at all. Please beware of some providers with dubious SMS services.

Do you have API's and a gateway?

For those who need a little more than our easy to use online dashboard, we have a full suite of HTTPs/POST API's. These allow software and web developers to integrate our SMS gateway directly in to their own systems. The API's can send/receive SMS, receive delivery receipts, manage the shortcode keywords and more. iTagg will guide you through development and integration, with documentation and full technical support from our UK based SMS experts.

So why iTagg?

We've been providing SMS services to UK businesses since 2001 - we were one of the first players in the industry here in the UK. We know SMS inside out and we will guide you with free ongoing support as you embark on your SMS Marketing. We promise you'll be impressed at how much you can do with humble text messages, and even more amazed at how effective they are at driving new business at a low cost.

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