Delivering Your SMS Communications

iTagg are SMS technology experts, providing a secure enterprise-grade text messaging platform and gateway

We reach 800+ operators and connect to multiple tier 1 SMS deliverers for maximum resilience

Thousands of UK businesses trust iTagg to deliver their SMS marketing and communication messages


amount of experience
iTagg has with SMS

There is very little we don't know about SMS text messaging

More than just a gateway. We offer tailored Enterprise solutions

Buy the SMS. Get a dedicated team of SMS experts for free


iTagg's throughput
capability ... fast!

Multiple connections allow us to push SMS as fast as you can send it

We make it easy for you to send, whether it's 1 or 1 million texts

A high quality service, at highly competitive rates


typical time for SMS
to reach handset

High powered systems deliver your text messages within seconds

Receive inbound SMS and full delivery receipts in real-time

Easy to use online Dashboard. CSV+SMPP+HTTP API's


hoops to jump through
for full support

iTagg doesn't believe in slow ticket systems when it comes to support

Every client has a dedicated Account/Technical Director

Pick up the phone. Dial our number. Talk. Simple

Trust Us With Your Business SMS

Partner with iTagg and let us take care of delivering your SMS communications


iTagg's Direct Routing is Guaranteed

Direct route is genuine 100% direct. High quality at low wholesale rates

We have been operating since 2001 and carry large volumes of both Direct and Premium traffic, allowing us to negotiate the best rates

When we offer a client Direct or Premium routing then that is 100% what they get. The 2 options are never mixed without client agreement

Our upstream Direct route partners are some of the largest A2P mobile messaging providers in the world with the best quality routes available

Our upstream Direct route partners have built close partnerships inside the carriers to handle mission-critical SMS traffic

Sadly there are some SMS providers who wish to keep SMS market rates high and will claim low prices such as iTagg's are not possible for genuine 100% direct routes. Only they can explain why they make these invalid claims and wish to over-charge businesses like you for SMS


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