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Steve Says...

When we launched iTagg in 2001, the web-based dashboard and our HTTP API's were pretty much everything we did. Even now with our Bureau and Bespoke services, whether we are using them to manage client campaigns and build personalised SMS solutions, or whether clients use them as self-service marketing tools, the dashboard and api's are still core to our entire business.

We are pretty proud of the fact that our SMS dashboard and HTTP API's were possibly the first ever web-based self-service SMS communications and marketing tools in existence and are still delivering many millions of SMS every month.

How to send SMS and receive SMS through our HTTPs API's... Integrating directly into an SMS gateway so that your text messages can be sent straight from your own your IT systems and web services is very straightforward. iTagg has offered this service to businesses for 16 years and we've made it very easy for a good developer to do in as little as 20 minutes. We have API's for sending SMS and also for receiving delivery receipts and inbound SMS into our virtual mobile numbers and shortcode. iTagg also offers reporting API's to monitor your monthly usage, SMS wallet levels, etc. Through our Bespoke SMS Development services we can also build other reporting tools and API's to suit your specific requirements, just ask.

Please see our API technical documentation and feel free to have your developers contact us any time to talk techie, it's a language we speak well. During integration and ongoing, technical support is just a call or email away.

"and another thing ... In 2010 Steve Procter and iTagg managed a 2-way text polling campaign for David Miliband during the Labour Party leadership contest. During a live Question Time TV debate we could see instantly who was in the lead. And the rest as they say is history!" see more...